Found My Dream Home

I originally started to look at building a home from the ground up, but area was a big issue for me and the choices were slim. I decided to purchase a home for reasons of stability needed in my life and a place to call home and raise my little girls. I met with Herb and instantly he gave off great vibes, he was very thorough and attentive to my wants and needs. He helped me understand the process of searching for a new home and listened to every detail of what I wanted in a home. I am a very particular person and can be a bit picky, but no matter what decisions I made on the homes Herb showed me, he was patient and willing to search as long as I needed, until I found my dream home. At times I didn’t understand the terminology in purchasing homes and looking for things that were still in good standing on the market and I could call him instantly and he would help me understand and answer any questions I had on a home. He is positive, friendly, very knowledgeable and professional at all times. There is without a doubt that anyone who would need help with purchasing or selling a home he would always be my recommendation